To Choose or Not Choose? That is the Modern Day Question

This morning I walked into the radio station to discuss the importance of Amendment 1 in this November’s election. Amendment 1, on Tennessee’s ballot, decides a woman’s right to choose. This topic is so personal that I do hope women will not sit this one out, but instead get up and go to the polls.  Although this conversation is too important to remain silent, some women will go with their voices unheard at the polls because of their moral beliefs, southern values, or the idea that someone else will fight their battles.  All boots and troops need to be on ground for this one ladies. One may ask, “What is it that the Amendment 1 seeks to do?” It seeks to expand government into a women’s most personal space-her womb. It seeks to allow legislators that have no personal connections with the millions of women across Tennessee to make choices for them based on their limited knowledge of each woman’s situation. It seeks to apply rigid rules along with a rigid formula irrespective of a woman’s personal medical situation as it relates to choice. Calling all ladies to get out to vote this November 4th and vote No on Amendment 1. Early voting begins at all satellite locations on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. Election day is November 4th.